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Our Zoning Code (CVMC Title 19) dictates what uses are allowed and how you can develop land (e.g. setbacks, height, parking, etc.) in Chula Vista.  Zoning districts specify a category of uses (such as; single-family residential, multifamily residential, commercial, industrial) and are applied by ordinance. The zoning districts are shown geographically on the City's official land use map.

In order to obtain complete regulatory information about your property or use, please contact the Planning and Building Department. Also, please contact the Planning and Building Department for complete information on your Precise Plan, Hillside or Design Control Modifying District, Planned Community (PC) or your Split Parceled zone designation.

For Planning Department Zoning Information call (619) 585-5621

The code is current through Ordinance 3036, passed June 6, 2006. Check with the planning staff about any more recent ordinances and also prior to applying for entitlement applications such as conditional use permits, design review, variances or zone changes.


Zoning Map or Zoning Code documents are also available for purchase at the Development Services Public Information Counter. 

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